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Current and ex Berlin JFKers' Journal
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Thursday, January 5th, 2006
1:20 pm
Pictures of murals!
The 2002 mural:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The 2004 mural (my year!):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The 2005 mural:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Monday, June 27th, 2005
10:34 pm
Thursday, August 19th, 2004
10:41 pm
Hello I have some annoncements for the high school today.....
^Couldn't help it.

I just figured I'd let you all know about Boss Day tomorrow. Helpers are asked to be there starting at 11:00am. (Jenna, if you read this tonight can you tell your brother please? Thankyou). So that's Boss Day on the 20th of August at 11:00am for helpers.

Then on the 27th of August at umm... a time that I have now forgotten. Mirror will be holding their live recording session at Club A18!! Entritt : 4€. I promise to come back with the times later. If you can't make that or don't want to spend the money then....

September 11th, 2004 Mirror will hold their record-release party also at Club A18. This time there's no entritt. So it's a great oppertunity.

And finally on September 18th, 2004 we will be holding the annual FUN DAY in school. =) Do you guys remember Fun day? Well the alumni table would greatly appreciate any helpers on that day. It promises to be a great event. Be sure to let me know how it goes. =)

Shall be posting up photos of the newly created senior mural as soon as they get developed =)

Much love.

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, July 11th, 2004
5:33 pm
Well, what a kick this is!
Every now and then, I do a search on Berlin, hoping to reconnect a bit with my past. Today I got very lucky.

My name is Sylvia Greeney Morris. I went to JFK from fifth through seventh grades. Later, when we returned to Berlin, I attended BAHS (class of '72), but I still had friends at JFK, and remember them and the times we shared with great fondness.

With any luck, this community will attract other ex-Berliners as well. I recently discovered that roo1973 also has a journal here, and we've renewed contact. I'll have to tell her about this!
Monday, June 28th, 2004
3:06 pm
Seniors...or should I say graduates...
...supposedly the library will be ours tomorrow (Dr. Davis was saying something like a party for us seniors - which will basically, be a yearbook signing session)...so, you might as well come and see what's up with that. 'til the morrow

Sunday, June 27th, 2004
8:11 pm
Hey JFKers (or should I say JFK alums?) Congratulations on your graduation!

Glad this community's here so that we can keep in touch.

I'll be in Berlin on Tuesday, so I'll see you all soon!

love, julie

Current Mood: chipper
12:52 pm
Already Nostalgic...
Of course our school isn't heaven - there's a lot of good and a lot of bad. Still, now that I've officially graduated, I realized I really will miss our school.

So, this community is for those who in some way feel JFKS ( or JKFS - if you ask Felix or Lucas) has been part of their lives. Feel free to rant/rave about teachers, post "ads" about upcoming events, write about memories, write about what you like and what needs to be changed, tell everyone what you're doing now that you're gone, ask for help, etc.

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